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Here are all the MagSafe accessories Apple announced for the iPhone 12

The new iPhones will come with a contactless system for charging and other uses.

Apple revealed its iPhone 12 lineup on Oct. 13 along with a few extras. One surprising new feature was the MagSafe charging technology. It has double the power throughput of standard Qi wireless charging on iPhones (15 watts versus 7.5 watts), and a magnetic snap to optimize placement on the phone's back -- similar to how the magnetic charger works on the Apple Watch. (Here's how MagSafe works on the iPhone 12.)

Of course, if you have a magnet that can center a snap-on charger, that same magnet can be used to attach other types of accessories to the iPhone 12, too (shades of the late -- and not so great -- Moto Mods). Does that mean Apple is skipping a presumed transition of the iPhone from Lightning to USB-C, and opting to jump straight to MagSafe instead? Your guess is as good as ours, but one thing is guaranteed: With Apple licensing MagSafe to third-party manufacturers like  (see below), expect a flood of MagSafe accessories to be heading your way soon. 


This is the new MagSafe Charger. It will snap onto the back of the iPhone 12 to make sure it is in the right spot to start charging. The MagSafe Charger connects to a power source via a USB-C connection.


The iPhone 12 clear case lets owners use the MagSafe features without having to take off the case each time. It also uses "clear polycarbonate and flexible materials" so you can get a grip on the phone while showing off its color. Cases come in different sizes for the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max.


For those who want a bit more grip with their cases, the iPhone 12 Silicone Case will fit the bill. it also comes with the same MagSafe usability as the clear case and is available in sizes that fit the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max.


Bắn cá koiWallet cases are a great convenience, but they can be a bit bulky. Apple's iPhone leather wallet takes care of that issue by snapping onto the back of the phone directly.


Bắn cá koiOtterbox designed a line of MagSafe compatible cases for the iPhone 12. Called the Figura series, the thin case is made with flexible, soft-touch material and raised edges to protect the phone's camera and screen. 


Bắn cá koiPitaka is one of the first third-party manufacturers to make a magnetic case for the iPhone 12. The case has a refined carbon fiber texture and is compatible with MagSafe accessories.


Bắn cá koiAccessory maker Belkin is working on its own including a car dock and a combo iPhone/Apple Watch charger. Apple gave viewers a quick look at the dock during its reveal event, and Belkin has posted a bit more info on its website, including pricing.


One MagSafe accessory announced during the Apple Event was the MagSafe Duo. The pad features two chargers, one for the iPhone 12 and the other for an Apple Watch. Apple didn't provide a release date or price for the charging pad, which may be considered the spiritual successor to the infamously canceled AirPower charging matBắn cá koi. (Its only appearance on Apple's site that we can find is this , saying that it'll be arriving at a "later date.")

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