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A second stimulus check might arrive in 5 different waves. Find out which one you're in
Stimulus negotiations update: New 48-hour deadline, Senate bill blocked, high-stakes confrontation looms
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New stimulus check eligibility: Two qualifications we think could change with the next payment

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iPhone 12 preorders are live: How to buy Apple's newest phones today
Apple wants to make lidar a big deal on iPhone 12 Pro and beyond. What it is and why it matters
iPhone deals: Save big on last year's models
iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories: How Apple's awesome new snap-on magnet feature works

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Google Home already has one of HomePod Mini's best new features
HomePod Mini: 3 cool new features on Apple's smart speaker and how to use them
4 best things you can do with two Amazon Echos, or more
Smart hubs, Z-Wave and Zigbee: How to get started with home automation

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6 ways a second stimulus check could get you more money, 3 ways it could bring less

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Senate's 'skinny' stimulus package versus $1.8 trillion White House offer: What's in both bills?

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